Experimenting With Horses On Communication

Experimenting With Horses On CommunicationImagine speaking to animals and actually knowing what is going on with them instead of having to try and guess whether they have a sore foot or whether they are upset. Many horse lovers from around the world are dedicated to their horses and for them, life would be a lot easier if they could interact on a deeper level.

We all know that this only happens in the movies. In saying that, it is interesting to find that the Equine Vocalization Project has come up with an method to work on this idea. This was initiated from a group of horse lovers whereby various horse sounds were put onto a database indicating the stress levels of the horses. This will tell us more about when a horse is feeling a certain way. Riders and owners will now at least be able to tell when a horse is not enjoying something like photo ops by 1840 Photography, competitions or just at the barn by the sound it makes and this is a mild form of communication which we are now able to have with this beautiful animal.

With this experience in place, it makes it easier for veterinarians to see where the horse is having a problem and it will be simpler for someone who’s job it is to analyze the behaviour of the horse. Now that we have the basics, we can apply our understanding of these sounds to similar animals like zebras and donkeys and further get a better understanding from their behaviour.

The fact that these animals have the ability to produce so many different sounds makes it a lot easier. This method, however, won’t work with every animal. Horses are unique because they can vary their sounds. Something like a cow or a sheep is going to be more difficult because it is one sound that you hear continuously.

The thing that researchers are working on at the moment is to see whether the horse is able to see a horse as well as a human as a friend as people do. Do the sounds they make indicate that they are happy to see you? This would make any horse lover’s day. It would be like arriving at your front door to be greeted by your dog who is jumping all over you with his tail wagging like crazy. The next step that scienticts are experimenting with is to find more about particular social noises and this may give us some idea of how the horse is feeling.

This is going to be more of an intense study and it will be more complicated than identifying certain stress levels. It is not something that will happen overnight and it definitely is a process which needs in depth analysis and constant regulation. Whether this will work or not is a question that not even a scientict can answer, but it definitely is a worthwhile experiment because it would be truely amazing if we do get to see a result. Who knows, maybe we can start analyzing the noise levels that our dogs and cats make.

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