What To Think About When Building A Barn Stall For Your Equine Pets

The barn stall is a very important area for horses hence you have to pay attention to a lot of details when thinking about designing a new one for your horses. Today, most stalls are built with 12 square feet of space. However, the size should vary depending on the size of your horses. In designing stalls, make sure that there is always enough room or space for your horse to get up or down and move around without discomfort. However, make sure not to oversize the stalls so there is less to clean and maintain.

For multiple stalls, the walls or partitions should be not less than 8 feet in height so the horses cannot leap and get their hoofs over the walls. The partitions do not have to be rock solid. Wooden stalls with an inch of space in between the boards can facilitate good ventilation. On top of that, the space between the wooden boards will also allow the horses to view the other horses in the barn as well as provide easy access for you to observe your pets.

As for stall doors, make sure that there are stall gates or stall guards to keep the horses inside as well as allow enough light and ventilation to pass through when the doors are opened. If you make use of stall bars, the spaces between them should not be more than 3 inches to prevent the horse’s hoof from getting caught in between.

Furthermore, the stall doors should also be big enough to allow the wheelbarrow to enter. Sliding doors are ideal for to use compared to swinging doors as they are very easy to use. When you need to take out your horse, you don’t need to close the sliding door. Whereas, if you go for swinging doors, it can consume aisle space and can even cause a few hazards when it is caught by a strong wind.

A barn stall should also be within close proximity to its designated feeding bucket so it becomes much easier to feed the horse without the need for closing and opening the barn doors. The feeding buckets should also come with a lock so it can be shut close when feeding is over. Sometimes, horses can get really bored and they can meddle with the feeding buckets with their lips. Consider installing automatic waterers to your horses. This way, you can ensure that they are always provided with fresh water when they are thirsty.  Make sure proper and adequate ventilation passes through your barn windows also.

You could have your current barn remodeled to accomodate all of the things mentioned above. Just be sure that you take care of your barn renovation construction trash container once you are done.